The international economic landscape is drastically changing very quickly and many people are asking the same questions:

  • Can we afford to have our bank account frozen or our assets seized because we violated a law that we didn’t know it even existed?
  • Should we trust our money with someone whose debt is 47 times higher than his assets?
  • Is it likely for the US dollar to continue being the only currency used for international trade transactions?
  • How much of our money are we losing every year if we live with an 8% inflation while our bank is only paying 1%?
  • Is it probable to be the one out of the 10 Americans who, every year, are hit with a lawsuit and risk losing their assets unless they can afford to engage in costly litigation?
  • Is it immoral to pay less taxes legally (1)?
  • Should we have a plan B if the government restricts us from sending money abroad?
  • Is it better to be a few months early or one day too late?
  • Is there a better economic Future ahead?

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