9 Lessons on how to become Anonymous for Asset Protection

Since the beginning of time, wealthy families have been studying how to become anonymous to ensure Asset Protection. To avoid severe loses, wise individuals would never publicize any information about their assets. Rich parents teach their children from an early age how to become anonymous as part of their asset protection strategy.
In today’s financial system, learning how to become anonymous is necessary if you are serious about your Asset Protection. It is well worth the effort since it will save you a lot of money and give you peace of mind.

There are 9 areas to explore when you are learning how to become anonymous:

1. Start an International business to keep transactions private and operations flexible

Before 2005, the high cost of communications made it impossible for 90% of the businesses to expand internationally. All this has now changed with telecommunications that offer free calling and messaging to and from anywhere in the world. The internet has given us access to data for any industry in most countries. Widespread use of social media has placed international advertising within reach to anyone who is skilled in managing the tools that are driving these new technologies. Individuals who have the drive and determination to succeed will have a fair chance to become International business people and make money online.

2. Use tested Methods to Maintain your Privacy

For an offshore corporation we provide nominal directors

Transparency is necessary for the citizens to control their ruling class and Privacy is the constitutional right that protects the people. Unless you are a politician or an important government official, your Corporation should never show your name as a director or shareholder. To meet this objective, you must only Incorporate your offshore company in a country that has laws allowing their public registries to maintain this type of private registrations.

3. Keep your offshore bank accounts in countries that strictly enforce secrecy laws

Panama's Bank Secrecy LawsPanama has the best Bank Secrecy and Privacy Laws in the World

Only open an offshore bank account with banks that are licensed in jurisdictions with strict secrecy laws. You should never have to give up control of your money in order to protect your privacy.

4. Learn strategies to stay Anonymous by Diversifying and Collaborating

Do business in different countries and keep your privacyKeep your anonymity by investing legally in other countries

Since 2012, emerging technologies have made it possible for individuals to securely enter into relationships of trust even if they have never had business dealings before. In 2017, such blockchain based applications have become widely available to mainstream businesses. Small business people with limited capital can chose suitable, open source communities and invest by contributing not only their capital but also some combination of their network, reputation, expertise or hard work. Using military grade encryption, the identification and personal information of the collaborators can remain secret and they may keep their financial data safely stored in distributed servers that cannot be hacked. Participants become stakeholders by investing in one or more such community projects hence securing a safe level of diversification. The participants may decide to earn additional income by offering more of their own services as they may be needed by their chosen open source communities.

5. Comply with the rules to avoid red flags and penalties

Ranging from parking tickets to exorbitant fines for tax return errors, governments keep on creating new and lucrative revenue streams. The enforcement of these complicated regulations give rights to unelected “authorities” to demand draconian fines from those who inadvertently violate these counterintuitive rules. In addition, violators become surveillance targets and open themselves to more frequent audits. Almost all such fines can be avoided by well-informed individuals who are using simple services that are often software based.

6. Discover reliable methods to protect your data and communications

Unconstitutional surveillance systems gather your proprietary information that routinely ends up in the hands of competent hackers who sell it to the highest bidder. With proper guidance, you will find reliable tools to secure the information that is stored in your computers or mobile devices and also prevent the continuous monitoring of your phone calls, emails and text messages.

7. Fend off predators with sound Asset Protection structures

It is customary for the authorities and other predators to freeze your assets at the time that you need them the most. Competent predators disarm their opponents by tying up their assets as they begin litigation. You must take preventive action and place at least some of your assets in a jurisdiction that will not allow such unilateral action against your legal right to defend yourself. Taking action one year too soon is better than the day after you are notified about unexpected legal action. At this time, the implementation of Asset Protection strategies will have become illegal.

8. Devise your own Multiple Flag System

As a precaution, wealthy individuals customarily get their income out of the area where they live and they store their wealth in a country other than where they work. Recently, many individuals can have the freedom to plan vacations in places where they can copy the Multiple Flag Systems of the wealthy.

9. Be a responsible business person and Don’t get involved with criminal activities

What is considered a crime in one region may be a welcomed activity in another area. Unless you are involved in activities that harm others, it is possible to devise strategies to legally conduct business in different countries that are friendly to your type of industry. Careful planning and good advice would be the foundation of a prosperous business that is legal, welcomed by the authorities and offers benefits to local or digital communities.

Learning the steps of how to become anonymous and secure Asset Protection could be quite simple if you use effective tools and are willing to develop the right habits. For the past 30 years, our team has been implementing anonymity strategies for various clients in different income brackets and asset categories. Now that international businesses have entered the mainstream, we have devised systems that are inexpensive and easy to implement.

During these turbulent times of uncertainty, it is necessary to stay anonymous and have a secure Asset Protection plan.

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