How Offshore Affiliates Make Money Online
Work Less – Pay Less Tax – Keep more of your Money

Offshore Affiliates travel all over the world making money online. They have mostly tax-free income and end up with more of their own money than most professionals.

Become Offshore Affiliate and Make Money Online Offshore

After 7 years of preparation, 
our core group is poised for a rapid expansion in
Making Money online with BlockChain Applications and Bitcoin.

We have openings for the following Participation Methods


Eligible Trainees will Become Offshore Affiliates and Make Money Online Offshore

Eligible Offshore Affiliates Trainees must have basic applied skills and the desire to learn unique techniques so they can rise quickly to the top of their field and make money online with Bitcoin.  They will receive a bi-weekly stipend to learn while working remotely under the guidance of masters in their field.  Trainees may earn additional bonuses for the successful completion of projects on time.  After a 12 to 18 week training period, eligible Trainees receive a promotion and are offered a work contract with the obligation to remain loyal to the Offshore Affiliates group for the agreed time period.


Start to Earn Money from Home

Verifiable experts with specific skills. They are contracted on behalf of our clients after submitting their quotations for specific projects.  Freelancers receive milestone payments for the completion – within deadlines – of a predefined set of tasks to be executed according to specifications.


Make Money at Home

In a few cases, some charismatic individuals who cannot demonstrate applied skills for the currently advertised positions may be considered as Interns.  Our Offshore Affiliate’s team invests a lot of resources to train the interns and will only accept those who are quick learners and manage their time well independently productive within a few weeks so they can become Offshore Affiliate and make money online with Bitcoin.  During the 6 to 8 week Internship period, participants do not receive or make any payments.


Successful Professionals will Become Offshore Affiliates

Successful Professionals who are currently working in complimentary industries, are eligible Offshore Affiliates who will be receiving classified training on proprietary techniques and patented methods. Offshore Affiliates are exposed to insider information and receive development fees and commissions for their participation in revenue generating projects. Offshore Affiliates also receive finders’ fees for their referrals of eligible candidates who join our networks

Blockchain software developers and trainees, who:

BlockChain Trainees will Learn How to Make Money Online with BlockChain Applications

      • understands the Ethereum platform and blockchain applications;
      • have been studying Bitcoin and exerimented with Blockchain tools and  the development basic smart contacts;
      • would like to make money on line by collaborating with other Affiliates;
      • knows English at a basic level.

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