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The international economic landscape is drastically changing very quickly and many people are asking the same questions: Can we afford to have our bank account frozen or our assets seized because we violated a law that we didn’t know it even existed? Should we trust our money with someone whose debt is 47 times higher […]

Every year around Christmas, the Zapote district of the San Jose, Costa Rica is the host of some very unusual bull fights.  They put about 200 untrained men (a lot of them drunk) in a closed ring with an unrestrained bull.  Many of them, in their drunken stupor, arrogantly provoke the bull until one or […]

In the Age of Information, many are recognizing that the achievement of success is mostly limited by belief systems. Disempowering beliefs melt away when there is knowledge to Just Do It. Transparent access to rapidly unfolding new information heralds the dawn of the Age of Enlightenment. Time tested wisdom is replacing imposed belief systems that don’t […]

In 1985 Jonathan Dawes (as always, the name has been changed for privacy reasons) was the head of a Netherlands conduit Trust that was serving ‘Dutch sandwiches’ to very wealthy North Americans – many of whom were household names in the Entertainment world.  Jonathan was not a chef, since the Dutch sandwiches were not even […]

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