Legally Protect Your Assets and Income

Under the guidance of their trusted professionals, more and more law abiding business people create inexpensive offshore entities to maintain their privacy,  protect their assets offshore and reduce taxes at home.  They form an offshore corporation and open a bank account in a country where the economy depends on solid bank secrecy laws.  In their country of residence, they keep their accounting in compliance with the laws and carry on their business with more freedom, flexibility and have more funds to reinvest in parts of the world where they find the best potential for growth even if the economy in their home country is faltering  This universally applicable system will remain legal because many Multinationals, Government Organizations, NGOs  and powerful individuals rely on the offshore industry to safeguard their own assets and profits.

Upgrade Your Work Habits and Seize Opportunities Using New Technologies

Due to misinformation, most people don’t realize that the recent technological developments are leading us to a new era of abundance and endless opportunities that are available for those willing to take their business to international levels.  Our major obstacles are our habits and belief systems that need upgrading.  As it happens with software and equipment, many problems are solved and the obstacles are removed after the upgrades.  Then, new doors open for opportunities that lead to unimaginable success stories.  In the recent past, we have seen millions of people starting with nothing, or very little, and end up becoming millionaires in just a few years or even months.

Collaborate and Become “Too Big To Fail”

You can live your own success story if you collaborate in one opportunity area and find the help you are missing to take your work to a new level.

1.  Marketing locally executed, international Online Business networks with numerous applications using Marketing Automation and Artificial Intelligence (also referred to as AI) to achieve rapid global penetration.

2.  Foreign Exchange, Payment Processing, Digital currencies and Crowd funding replaces the “middle man” hence allowing us to invest with AI Trading Systems that generate upwards from 10% per month ROI and control more income-producing assets with fewer unproductive investment vehicles. The block chain will reduce the friction of share issuance and ownership, allowing all of us to contribute and be large or small stakeholders in the entities that we care about.

3.  Self Managed Health Care utilizing the latest innovations in neuroscience including phone app diagnostics and monitoring.

4.   Cash Flow Local Agriculture co-ops run parallel with agro-tourism to offer healthy, tasty, organic, non-GMO foods that are kind to the environment and generate secure profits in win-win situations.

5.  Ecological Precious Metal and Stones Mining alternatives developed by a Precious Metals and Stones royalty and streaming portfolio company that is holding bullion in safe custody within stable political regions and provides up front capital to bring Artisan mining co-ops to sustainable production levels.

6.  Ecological Real Estate Development through acquisitions of existing properties like a home with 18 acres of high quality land for $144,000.

7.  Ranging from hydrogen planes to drone deliveries, shared use and the revival of the Railways there is a multitude of new businesses that are sprouting around the Delivery and Transportation industries.  The future is now and it is rapidly turning today’s Giants into Dinosaurs as thousands of small local entrepreneurs collaborate using LocalNetLive Marketing (under development) to defeat well established Industry Goliaths.

8.  Clean, Free Energy and Survival Products or Services for off the grid protection against severe threats

9.  “Internet of Things” technologies for Shared Usage management of objects such as cars, computers, living space thus rendering the objects themselves to become high yield self-sustaining economic units.

10.  Talented Artist worldwide creating Works of Art made available as digital content that are pre-funded through tips from patrons and then purchased in nano-increments when consumed through metered players. Original digital works will be bought and sold by tracking-ownership and provenance on a digital public ledger.

How about “Keeping Your Money Safe in a Stable Bank that is offering the Best Interest Rates”?

How much Time do I have to Make a Decision?

Do your research outside the mainstream media and then verify your conclusions from different sources. Consider recent history events in up to 70 years ago. Also take a look in today’s News for countries like Syria and Ukraine that a few years back were doing very well but are now suffering with wars they didn’t provoke. Another good example is Greece that seamlessly hosted the Olympics in 2004 and was a booming economy up until 2008. Just two years later, in 2010 the economy was bilked by foreign banks who collaborated with a dishonest government to assume an odious debt and kill their own economy by eliminating credit, imposing new taxes and cutting pensions in half. Overnight, the country became a synonym with bankruptcy and the prosperous citizens – most of who have no credit card debt and own their homes mortgage free — were characterized by the international media as lazy, irresponsible spenders.

At the end of your study, consider your own your options if something goes wrong in the US, Canada, Northern Europe, Australia, Japan or in any other Region that is now considered “Stable” because it’s been like that for the last 30 years. You may finally recognize that you are already very late if you don’t have in place a financial Plan “B”. But you still have a little more time if you act now.

Do you Trust the Experts?
Most revolutionary inventions were made by non Experts.  Socrates, one of the greatest experts in the known human history confessed: “The more I learn the more I come to realize that I know nothing”.

So when you read online articles, always look at the readers comments’ and you will often get viewpoints that enhance the value of the article.  If, after reading the article, you’re left with more questions, write a comment raising the issues.  Very often, you’ll get great feedback from others and start developing valuable online relationships.  Start by making a comment right here and now.

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